Vous êtes seul ou en groupe, Ethic Etapes, ce sont une cinquantaine de centres d'hébergement, partout en France, offrant un hébergement confortable, une restauration sur place et un prix planché.

Vous êtes seul ou en groupe. Ethic Etapes, vous propose des séjours organisés ou à la carte dans un de nos centres idéalement situé.


Ethical and sustainable network, for more than 40 years, we are committed to respecting people and nature.

Des gens réunis avec des ballons de toutes les couleurs

Want to be an éthic étapes?

How to join our association

éthic étapes is a voluntary union of social and solidarity economy organizations. This allows each member to maintain its management independence while offering a unique place for the exchange and pooling of actions and resources.  It is also a Union in which everyone is led to express themselves freely, to take an active part in strategic choices.

Joining éthic étapes: a lasting commitment

By joining éthic étapes, the managing body and the international residence centre commit themselves to developing an international reception activity without any segregation, based on discovery, exchange and encounter..

The establishment's commitments

To do so, the establishment undertakes to comply with the articles of association, the internal regulations, the quality charter and to adopt the logo and the name éthic étapes. éthic étapes undertakes to lead and develop the network of members, within the framework of its associative project. 

Each centre, on joining the network, is invited to sign the mutual and solidarity commitment, a document which determines the framework of :

  • communication and exchange within the network: the establishment undertakes to develop communication and exchange within the Union, in particular by transmitting information concerning the life of its association and by actively participating in the life of the network.
  • solidarity within the network: the institution undertakes to develop solidarity within the Union by pooling its practices and know-how, for the definition and updating of an éthic étapes methodology, by encouraging the movement of éthic étapes staff within the network and by assisting, as far as its means allow, its colleagues who are obliged to rehouse some of their guests.
  • promotion and development of the network: The establishment permanently promotes the network by distributing the éthic étapes brochures and those of other members, by setting up specific promotion and communication operations and by highlighting the éthic étapes brand and its membership of the network by the means offered to it. The establishment also seeks to develop the network by transmitting to the head office contacts and information with a view to new memberships.

Criteria for becoming an éthic étapes

To join éthic étapes, the applicant centre must meet the following conditions:

  • Be managed by a social economy organization: association, public establishment of an industrial and commercial nature, municipal board, semi-public company, mutual insurance company, cooperative...
  • Have a minimum of 60 "tourism" beds open all year round.
  • Welcoming groups and individuals
  • Present transparency criteria for its activity
  • To have comfort and services that meet the criteria of the quality charter
  • To justify a tourist activity, in particular through specific products
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