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éthic Tip #29 - 6 good reasons to leave in September


September is the start of the new school year! Yes but the holidays have not said their last word, and more and more French people choose to take advantage of the benefits of September to take time off. A trend with many advantages. What if you were convinced? 

Here are the 6 good reasons to take a vacation in September.

More calm, less mass tourism

You are not a fan of mass tourism, crowded beaches and endless queues at the glacier? Luckily, you won’t get any of this in September! July and August tourists are back home, so you can enjoy the most beautiful natural or cultural sites in complete tranquility. And you won’t even need to retouch your souvenir photos to remove the crowd in the background!

Less pollution

A reason that goes hand in hand with the first. Less people means therefore less pollution: no traffic jams, much less waste left on the beaches or in the mountains, this is the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of your destination. In addition to being visually more pleasant, it will do good to your ecological conscience.

Lower prices

Travelling in the off-season has another significant advantage: prices (much) lower than in July-August. Accommodation, transport, activities... Starting in September is a real opportunity to save money. A reason that can only please lovers of good deals.

Milder weather

The weather can also help you make your choice. Known for its mild and relatively dry climate, the month of September seems ideal to fully enjoy your holidays in the sun. In this way, you will avoid the heat wave during your holidays and beach enthusiasts will appreciate the temperature of the sea, warmed during the summer.

More contact with the locals

When there is a crowd of tourists, traders, restaurateurs or artisans are too busy to have time to talk with you. In September, tourist attendance drops and it becomes easier to attract the attention of seasonal workers. An opportunity to take all their good advice and recommendations from sites to see in the area. And this will certainly give you the opportunity to discover places not very touristy as well as good addresses!

No September blues hit

Even if the school benches are far behind us, the month of September remains for many synonymous with blues. To remedy this, nothing better than taking your vacation when your colleagues are back! Double advantage: before your holidays, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the calm of the months of July-August in the office, and after your holidays, the wait will be much shorter until the next holidays.


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