Composte des peu clémentines dans la terre

Our tips to reduce your waste on a daily basis!


From 19 to 27 November 2022, European Waste Reduction Week is celebrated.  Coordinated in France by the ADEME, the SERD is a key moment of mobilization during the year, to put all the good practices of production and consumption that go in the direction of waste prevention.

Because we know that the biggest changes start with small actions, we take this opportunity to share some tips and best practices to apply on a daily basis. This will help you in your transition to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle!

- Compost! :  Organic waste now accounts for 1/3 of our household waste. The composter is THE solution against waste to give a second life to your organic waste, whether you live in a house with garden or in an apartment. Your plants will thank you! Learn more about the Bokashi composter here.

- Recycle your organic waste: We are aware of this today, the first step to avoid food waste is to cook the right quantities. But sometimes, for some foods, throwing seems inevitable. Who would have the idea to eat the skin of a kiwi, reuse the skin of a banana to wax his shoes, make a homemade hot water bottle with cherry pits, transform its egg shells by degreasing or dip its broccoli in a glass of water to keep it longer... And yet! There are a thousand and one tricks to spare your food the sad fate of the trash. To find out more, we recommend you go on the social networks of Too Good to Go, the mobile application that contributes to the consumption of unsold food in supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries...

- Avoid packaging: Increasingly present on the shelves of food stores, bulk continues to grow to offer more products. And when possible, there are many advantages to choosing these products without packaging. Indeed, it allows both to avoid food waste, but also to save money, by buying only what you need (bulk is on average 10 to 15% cheaper than a conventional product thanks to the packaging savings!).

- Make your own products household goods or cosmetics, making your own products has become accessible to everyone. Playful, ecological and economical, this alternative is an excellent way to become aware of the composition of products used daily.

- Reuse, repair, give... : Instead of throwing away that old scarf you no longer wear, why not turn it into a Christmas gift wrap? Rather than getting rid of your plastic bottles, what if you used them to make a plant watering system? Choose to recycle rather than throw away!

- Weigh up your waste! : And why not play the game to the end by imposing a monthly weight of household waste?